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"Real-world operational leadership experience meets expert HR/OD capability."

Rob is an experienced operational leader, leadership coach and organisational development (OD) practitioner whose industry experience spans Tertiary Education, Professional Services, FMCG Manufacturing, Health, Utilities, and Government & Public Sector. 

25 years of real-world operational leadership experience with teams of up to 150 technical and professional employees, interspersed with a variety of internal L&D/OD consulting roles, Rob has developed deep expertise and experience in designing and delivering a wide range of organisational development initiatives at all levels of business. 

The name Free Energy HR stems from the laws of thermodynamics, a field of study that Einstein once said is the only physical theory of universal content that will never be overthrown. 

In days where competition and the pace of change is for ever increasing, successful leaders will be the ones that can harness the available free energy in their people; commonly referred to as discretionary effort. This energy, expertly led, will yield a true competitive advantage.

Our business is only successful if yours is. Our promise is that only interventions that add real value and offer significant return on investment will be recommended and implemented.